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Hello bowling Friend,
Welcome to this new training program !
Be sure to find in this unique and extremely complete program, all the necessary resources to take you to a much higher level !
You are ready !
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Hello bowling Friend,
Today, you can be very good in your technique, but lose a large part of your means, under the influence of a feeling of doubt, discouragement, anger, or nervousness, following disappointments, surprises, or twists and turns !
Do you perhaps feel like you are stagnating ? or always making the same mistakes ?
For example, when you shoot while mowing to the left or right of the target, without really knowing why ?
Whether you are discovering Pétanque, or returning to the field after a break, this program, which I have carefully put together, is made for you ! Whatever your level and your current abilities, explore at your own pace !
The main objective of this program is to help you gain autonomy in your practice !
You will cultivate this ability to self-analyze, and self-correct if necessary, through spontaneous corrective actions !
You will be able to gain endurance, by strengthening your physical preparation, analyze the entire technical range of the real Pétanque player, construct numerous phases of play, and tactical situations, and above all guarantee yourself powerful resources, to amplify, and stabilize your mental strength on the pitch !
Let us remember that the mind is defined as the ability to benefit to the maximum of one’s abilities, and allows each and everyone to exercise their practice, to the best of their current level !
An extremely complete program, unique in its structure, allows you to considerably improve your performance and endurance on the pitch at your own pace !
This is the promise I make to you !
You are ready


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