3/3 The Mental Preparation (English subtitles)


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Hello bowling friend,
Welcome to this new training program, focused on Mental Preparation!
The Mental has become essential in all Sports, and requires specific preparation!
It is one factor among others, such as physique, technique, strategy, energy, and group dynamics!
Today, you can be very good at your technique, but lose most of your skills, due to a feeling of doubt, discouragement, anger, or nervousness! Following disappointments, surprises, or turnarounds!
Be sure to find in this extremely comprehensive and unique program all the necessary resources to help you gain mental strength on the field!
Let’s remember that, according to the greatest of the discipline, Pétanque requires 20% techniques and mechanisms, for 80%, mental strength in competition!
Needless to say, there is work to be done for most of us!
Mind is defined as the ability to make the most of one’s abilities, allowing each and every one to exercise their practice, to the best of their current level!
This mental preparation program is part of an evolving approach, through:
Your questionnaires and motivational programs.
Your questionnaires and programs on setting your goals.
Your performance routines, targeted around:
  1. Your focus.
  2. Managing stress and your emotions.
  3. Confidence, esteem, and self-affirmation.
  4. Your self-talk.
  5. Your mental imagery.
It’s a real mental program, which directly responds to your development priorities!
You do it at your own pace, whatever your level and current abilities!
It allows you to play over time, to the best of your possibilities, cultivating this autonomy, so sought after on the pitch!
And above all, it refines your culture of results, so that you can produce regularly, 80% success or even more, if your motivation is well stabilized!
This is the promise I make to you!
See you on the pitch straight away!


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