2/3 Gestures and Different Throwing Techniques (English subtitles)


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Hello bowling friend,
Welcome to this new training program, focused on body movements and throwing techniques!
Today, you may feel like you’re stagnating in your performance, or that you’re always making the same mistakes?!
For example when you shoot to the left or right of the target, without really knowing why!
Firstly, we will take a closer look at all the gestures by highlighting:
  1. the movement of the throwing arm.
  2. the work of the opposite arm or stabilizer of the bust.
  3. the rhythm of the pendulum.
  4. progressive rolling of the wrist.
  5. the hand exit through the fingertips.
  6. the search for the ideal curve.
  7. late release.
We will then stabilize all the technical gestures, to master THE POINT and THE SHOT through:
  1. field analysis.
  2. the jet of the cap.
  3. the rolled and slipped stitch.
  4. the half-span.
  5. high reach.
  6. the sweet spot.
  7. side effects.
  8. splitting.
Then we will progress in Shooting by developing:
  1. the crouch shot.
  2. the long roundup, the short roundup.
  3. the shot in front.
  4. iron shooting.
  5. jump shooting.
Other specific modules will be added such as: the diamond, the recoil, the hammer, the chisel, the stuck shot, the shot on goal, and many other game situations…
Be sure to find in this extremely comprehensive program all the necessary resources to take you to a much higher level!
You are ready
See you on the pitch straight away!


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