1/3 The Fundamentals (English subtitles)


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Hello bowling friend,
Whether you are discovering Pétanque, or returning to the field after a break, this program, which I have carefully put together, is made for you! Whatever your level and your current abilities, progress at your own pace!
The main objective of this program is to help us gain autonomy and endurance in our practice!
First, we will explore:
  1. the History of Pétanque and its origins.
  2. material and basic rules.
  3. breathing.
  4. the choice of balls.
  5. ball grip.
Let’s then strengthen our physical condition, for greater tone and endurance on the pitch, by qualifying:
  1. nutrition.
  2. the importance of warming up.
  3. warm-up routine.
  4. upper body muscle strengthening.
  5. Lower body muscle strengthening.
  6. stretching.
Finally, our implementation will be stabilized, through:
  1. position in the circle.
  2. anchoring.
  3. misalignment.
  4. the dominant eye.
  5. the focused look.
  6. weight transfer.
This extremely comprehensive program, and unique in its structure, will allow us to considerably improve our performance and our endurance on the pitch and this, at our own pace!
You are ready
See you on the pitch straight away!


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